Ok…you have been “surfing the web”  looking at homes.   You have taken your umpteenth virtual tour and now you have decided that home ownership is for you.   Now what?  

You need to know a couple of basics…the first is that you should select a real estate professional to help you reach your goal and second is that you need to get pre-approved for a loan to buy your home.   You don’t look at homes without knowing what you can afford.  

1)    Selecting a real estate agent is personality shopping.   You want to work with someone  you can talk to  and will listen….someone you can trust.   Experience in an agent is a real bonus because they know how to get your offer accepted.   Did I mention that you pay nothing for this service?   The seller pays this for you.  

2)   Selecting a  lender  is not so much personality shopping…the emphasis is on experience.   You want to select someone who can “deliver the goods”.   In other words, someone who explains the process and you trust to get you just the right loan for you.   This service also comes with no charge up front.  

If you are reading  this blog, you might want to check me out as a potential agent to represent you.    Through the years, many folks have made that decision and we have found them just what they wanted.   I can also be helpful in recommending an experienced  loan agent.   Actually, I would recommend two lenders  because you want to “cross check” the information they give you.        

Now…you have spent no money and you are ready to start looking at homes (knocking on those opportunities).